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Peak horsepower jumped to 413 at 6,600 while torque peak settled in at 369 lb-ft at 4,800 rpm.

This also created an 1,800-rpm power spread between peak torque and peak horsepower.

This is still using the stock 1.7:1 Gen III shaft rocker arms.

Since we were adding a more aggressive camshaft to the mix, Dyno Bob also swapped the stock beehive springs for a set of Comp Cams performance LS1 beehive springs just to handle the additional lift and rpm.

One of the great things about the Gen III small-block is how easy it is to swap cams.

Dyno Bob removed the rocker shaft and pushrods, pulled the accessory drive and balancer off, and then yanked the timing cover and cam gear.

The LPE baseline in this configuration used the traditional and more lenient aftermarket correction factor and generated 313 hp and 345 lb-ft of torque, which is right in line with the factory specs assuming a 5 percent differential between the two correction factors.

Cress immediately suggested that we step it up and do the all-aluminum 5.3L that’s in the current Chevy SSR truck.But his performance legacy continues to thrive in the Decatur, Indiana, business that he began over 30 years ago.General Manager Tom Cress and Project Director Jason Haines are just two of the many people still very much involved in cranking out powerful LPE street and race engines.Dyno Bob again went through the drill of swapping cams, which he accomplished in less than an hour.After he brought the engine back up to temperature, the cam’s more aggressive nature showed up with 10 inches of manifold vacuum at its 900-rpm idle speed.

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