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She asked me why you are looking to my boobs while we were choosing a shirt, I got shocked to hear this. I was enjoying this, now I started kissing her madly. Because her husband never satisfied her per her demands. She was moaning aaahhhhhaaa Varun press them harder aaaahhhhhh. I lifted her saree up to her thighs with one hand and other was busy with her boobs, she was on seventh heaven.

I put my hand in her panty, her juices were already flowing.

Now she was begging me ohh Varun please fuck me dear I can’t control now. Then I placed my cock on her pussy lips which were already red by our foreplay.

Then I took a condom from my wallet, which I always carry. And I slowly started to push it in her pussy she was already screaming, with only a tip of my cock entered in her pussy.

I licked her pussy for 10 minutes and she came in between this and I drunk all her juices.

I inserted my middle finger in her pussy and she bit my ear in an excitement. After a 10-15 minutes of finger fuck we got separated. After seeing my 6 inches Banana cock she got very excited.

Then I removed her black saree and petticoat, she was standing in front of me in her black colored bra and panty. She said me I always wanted a banana cock that was my fantasy.

Then I was busy in searching another shirt, and in mean while I heard a sexy voice saying, “Excuse me.” And I turned. After searching for a while we choice one nice shirt. Let me introduced her, Vidya, she had a sexy figure 34-30-34.

Somehow I gained my senses and managed to settle him down. I was buying it for my husband.” I said, “Sure, what kind of physics does your husband had.” She said “He is just stronger than u and has a same height like u.” And I started searching a shirt.

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