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She formed an all-female collegiate a cappella group called The Spokes and learned to play the guitar while studying abroad in the Netherlands.She developed confidence in playing the instrument on a trip to Nepal.Cam (born Camaron Marvel Ochs; November 19, 1984) is an American country music singer and songwriter.Her music incorporates elements taken from contemporary pop music.Using only an acoustic guitar, she sang a song she had already been developing, "Burning House".

The professor said to her, "Just picture yourself at 80 years old.She launched her second studio album, Untamed in December 2015 on the success of the song."Burning House" has since received widespread acclaim, including a nomination from the Grammy Awards.Taking residency in a rural mountain community, she lived for several weeks with limited electricity and basic needs.She developed a friendship with Canadian musicians and started playing the guitar more consistently.

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