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But Lewis' attorney Michael Goldstein is claiming that the fight was mutual and it was the brunette beauty - a good friend of Kim Kardashian - who was the aggressor as he had just gotten out of knee surgery and was on crutches.A troubling situation: Brittny Gastineau revealed a black eye on Tuesday when she went for dinner in Beverly Hills; TMZ reported she was hit by boyfriend Marquis Lewis a week ago while at The London Hotel in West Hollywood A bloody feud: According to his lawyer, artist Marquis Lewis - aka Retna, pictured in January - wasn't the instigator in the physical altercation, nor was he able to defend himself from his girlfriend as he was on crutches recovering from knee surgery 'Goldstein says his client was almost defenseless from the physical attack because he was unable to walk without crutches,' the site relayed.Al igual que otras herederas, la joven, quien dirige de la línea Trés Glam con su mamá, es amiga de Paris Hilton y Kim Kardashian , según el reporte.Like other heirs, the young, who heads Trés Glam line with her mom, is a friend of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, the report said.

The pretty model and TV starlet rocked a simple black ensemble with heels but threw on a jacket by one of Kim's favourite labels, Saint Laurent. We all know about the beauty of a classic black leather jacket but it now pales in comparison to this futuristic metallic look.PST The identity of the mysterious girl who accompanied the singer Luis Miguel dinner and was released.De acuerdo a informes de la agencia Grosby Group, la joven es la modelo y empresaria Brittny Gastineau , una socialité que incluso protagonizó su propio programa de telerrealidad.According to a new report, Brittny Gastineau is missing more than just a letter in her first name. The former reality star, who is somehow dating Olympic champion Michael Phelps, is a few days late, sources tell Radar Online.Michael Phelps does not have gold medal taste in women.

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De ser cierto un romance con Luis Miguel, supone que el cantante mexicano acabó su relación con Daisy Fuentes , con quien ha llevado una relación inestable por años.

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