Dating a roommate

Then he asked my best friend (and roommate) out on a date.

She knew I had a crush on him and asked me if it was okay that she started to date him. But then I saw them together and felt terrible pain, sadness, loss, and rejection.

She has been spending more time with him and I miss my close friendship with her.

He is also a good mutual friend of both me and my roommate.Before they were dating, I had decided for my own reasons not to ask him out or make a move because I don’t think it would be a good fit long term with him.I thought I had gotten over my crush feelings for him.If you can be open with them both - and it doesn't have to be a big deal to talk about it - then you can make sure he understands how you feel, and what your request is about, and that its about finding ways to handle the emotions, and not resentment or jealousy or trying to undermine your female friend in a competitive or passive-aggressive way.Make sure you're clear about your real feelings, exactly as you wrote above, and that you want them to understand you are happy for them but need to find a way to get past the emotions of it, and the fear that you'll lose 2 friends not just 1 over time (a common fear).

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  1. They sent their children off to college and they're self-supporting. I continued dating him because he wined and dined me, he adored me and he never made me worry. Today my husband has a closet full of snazzy clothes, he sports a Michael Douglas hairdo, he lost 40 pounds — and I own my first horse.