Dating married guy

If you’re having some serous doubts about him, get him to stay over often at your place.If he’s married or dating someone else, chances are, he’ll get a call or a text at some point of time.Sounds simple, but it won’t seem so simple if he’s happily married and not divorced. ] His reaction to spontaneous dates How does he behave when you plan a few spontaneous dates with him?Does he look horrified or does he shuffle his feet and squirm as he makes up an impromptu excuse?Single guys love inviting dates over to their place.It brings him closer to getting another notch on his bed post.Wondering how could I stay with this man once I found out he was married. Every once in a while, you may meet a great guy who’s all that.

A guy who’s hooked with someone else can’t do any of that.Now when he’s got all the time in the world, he wouldn’t have any problem playing the dating game and being the protective family man now and then.Does he have a very rigid travel plan, like him going away for one weekend every two weeks or something like that?I’ve gotten pretty personal, and told you about my relationship with Married Guy.And while some people may understand and may have even been in a similar relationship, some will most likely be very upset with me.

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