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After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. My red flags would start waving, though, if I had a few exchanges with the person, and they were unwilling to privately send me a photo, though, of course. I later learned that he doesn't have a lot of close-up photos of himself that aren't in his military uniform, and he wasn't necessarily looking to draw the typical "girl who goes for military guys," whatever that means.My current SO had a pic up that wasn't very close-up, and you couldn't tell much about his appearance other than his build. So he went with one of the few he had that wasn't an on-the-job or Navy Ball pic.Why somebody think an arranged marriage is so much better than meeting somebody online?

I asked for a photo and indicating that it is not fair since he can see how I look like, But I cannot see how he looks. Many sites let you have hidden pictures that you can share with individual members.

Your profile pic should portray you as someone who’d make a good partner, so make sure you look comfortable. A good guideline would be a picture of you wearing the sort of thing you would choose to wear on a first date.

If you’re smiling, your photo will give the impression that you’re a happy and friendly individual – and that’s always attractive.

I decided she was interesting enough to meet even before I got the photo. Now I find a lot of pictureless profiles aren't usually filled out completely either so I assume they're fake.

The last time I did Match, I was contacted by someone without a picture who explained upfront he works for the city and that is why he doesn't have a picture up. Who pays /month and doesn't fill out the profile? Now I find a lot of pictureless profiles aren't usually filled out completely either so I assume they're fake.

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