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PHOTOS: Odd couples in Hollywood "When I dated him, he was Tom Mapother still," Gilbert, 49, recalled of dating 51-year-old Cruise."He had just moved to Los Angeles." She added: "I did not have sex with him. He was a struggling actor and I was working, I actually bought him his first set of dishes." PHOTOS: Former teen idols Cruise wasn't the only ex the former contestant dished about.I believe there are many details throughout that deserve more careful consideration and discussion, and I hope to offer questions and comments from a different perspective—one critical of Boone’s position, but still Christian. The book claims to be a “conversation starter,” and I’m hoping to broaden this conversation by offering a diverging viewpoint.

"If there's anyone out there who wants to deal with us," she said, referring to the built-in chaos that comes with having eight kids being famous, "that would be good."The tabloid fixture seemed to be taking a break from the ole ball game last year to focus on her family and work, telling us, "I don't think that I look for a future person as far as, 'Come in, help me raise my eight kids!

(Doherty briefly starred on with Gilbert from 1982-1983.) PHOTOS: Can you believe these couples' age differences? Gilbert also discussed her displeasure with former costar Melissa Sue Anderson, who played her blind older sister Mary Ingalls on the program for nine years.

"[Anderson was] "hateful, horrid, mean, terrible, mean, difficult," Gilbert said to host Andy Cohen.

'""If someone is willing to do that, that could be the right person, but it's certainly not something I expect," the reality-TV star said. You can talk, talk, talk and to walk in my door and actually try that on and wear it, gosh, that's going to have to be a brave person. Maybe I don't believe that person exists."And with that much more life experience under her belt this past June, when asked if there were any potential suitors on the horizon, Kate told E!

News, flatly, that anyone in the running "needs to be made of titanium.

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  1. Some men walk all over their women, which pisses me off, but I often thought that the woman was too submissive. As long as you guys know I was RIGHT to begin with! Being 'submissive' to me, means that the 'best opinion' rules....of the time, when it comes to home repair, car fixing, even some meals...guys have the upper hand... I just think it would be nice for a change to have a MAN instead of the ones I have had experiences with.