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Whatever the reason for their migration, it is known that the western part of South India has seen a lot of migration of Caucasians since antiquity.

But purebred Dravidians have no Caucasian connection except that they are a most ancient race closely linked with Negrito/Aboriginal peoples, therefore many of the races that were birthed later naturally carry that connection.

It seems you are trying to force a connection between “South Indians” and Caucasians because many people especially from Kerala have very European features.

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As I flew into Curaçao, I dreamed of all the Caribbean offered and imagined myself relaxing on long, white-sand beaches with a piña colada in hand.

The largest and most rugged of the ABC (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao) islands, Curaçao also held the promise of good hiking and non-beach activities.

This summer, I planned to travel much of the Caribbean (spoiler alert: I didn’t).

At the top of my list of places to visit was Curaçao, located in the Dutch Antilles, a part of Holland and famous for its casinos, nightlife, and eponymous blue liqueur.

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Filipino Negritos group with Filipinos; Thai Negritos group with Thais, etc.

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  1. Prior to the eighteenth century, it was a common belief that women and men represented two different forms of one essential sex: that is, women were seen to possess the same fundamental reproductive structure as men, the only difference being that female genitalia was inside the body, not outside of it.