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This may mean an abusive or traumatic upbringing but could also include being brought up in a chaotic or unstable family home, with parents going through an acrimonious divorce, who were heavy drinkers or who didn’t provide adequate support, love or attention.Because personality is a complex thing, it’s not always easy to say for sure when someone has a disorder.While most people could name one or two personality disorders (such as psychopath), there are actually ten types, and many of us will have at least one of them at some stage in our lives.Yet many people do not even know personality disorder exists, leaving those affected — and the people around them — to suffer in silence.For example, many surgeons and lawyers, score highly on psychopathic disorder scales, yet they have found a job where their ability to be cold and calculating, incredibly focused and to cut themselves off from the emotions of others actually helps them do their job.While they might have psychopathic personality traits, we wouldn’t say they had a disorder.In this first part of a new series, I set out to demystify this hidden yet extremely common problem — and hopefully provide some of the answers to help you cope with it.

But how would you know if they have a personality disorder that needs treatment?Unlike bipolar disorder or postnatal depression, people don’t seem to want to admit to having this condition — you won’t see them going on fun‑runs for it or talking about their experiences on morning TV.That’s because for this condition, the stigma is still very much alive and kicking.The symptoms can also be mistaken for other mental health problems, such as depression or bipolar, as they can superficially seem very similar.The part of the brain responsible for our personality is the prefrontal cortex — found just behind your forehead above the eyes.

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As a result, they can sometimes be misdiagnosed as depression or bipolar disorder because they appear to share some symptoms.

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