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And we said that the reason why we have so many problems in marriages is because we were doing married people’s stuff before we were married.

And we agreed that just as it’s wrong for me to out there and do married people’s stuff with someone who’s not my wife, it’s wrong for you if you’re single to also do married people’s stuff with someone who’s not your wife or your husband. Any of that stuff outside of marriage is going to lead to problems in marriage because you are practicing how to be married and you’re also practicing divorce.

But we have to get things in order first, and if your life is in chaos especially with your priorities then he can’t bring Eve to Adam until everything gets calm and settled first.

But God is the one who brings the relationship to us when we’re ready.

We have been given the DNA of a good…or should I say…a GREAT leader and a leader in a relationship. I’m not saying higher or anything else, just straight facts.

It’s inside of us and we’re going to see from this passage that we just read how God programmed that inside of us. The fact that men and women were not created the exact same way and in the exact same time is to signify that they don’t have the exact same role.

What we’re going to look at today is…because God ordained relationships in a certain way, he didn’t in a way that men and women have different roles in the relationship. Not saying that they’re unequal, but they’re clearing not the same.

In an American wedding, every bride looks forward to that dad walks her down the aisle and the gives and the veil and all this kinda stuff and “daddy gives me away.” But it’s not how it happens in the orthodox services. If you study the concept of the orthodox wedding, it says, when he’s talking to the bride and groom, “receive unto your bride, groom Jesus Christ has given her to you.” And at the hand of the priest he has given her to you.

Gentlemen….we get married in a Godly relationship, it’s not my choosing or your choosing, it’s God’s choosing.

He made him order the entire world and all the world was created and everything was taken care of and ordered properly with God before he brought woman to him. Gentlemen, if your world is not ordered with God and if you are rebelling against God, and you haven’t taken care of business with god, then why would you expect him to bring a woman to you? Man didn’t have to go out and find, the woman didn’t have to go out and impress. What the bible is trying to show us is that God is the author of all relationships, God is the one who does the bringing.

First, I must get myself straight with God and have my world ordered. This is the whole idea of getting “the One.” The other things that we see right there is not only did man have to order his world first, but after he ordered this world, what happened? God wants man not to be alone and woman not to be alone, he wants us to be in that relationship.

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