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Simmers, The Sims TM 4 Jungle Adventure* has arrived!And with it comes a new destination, culture, and so much more.

Was that an EA oversight, or is he just preparing to die in his formal wear, and be buried in no shoes like everyone else in Twinbrook? Not to mention a couch potato in a career requiring athletics doesn’t exactly scream “success,” even without factoring in the loser trait holding him back. Elsewhere in Twinbrook, Shark Racket and Jade Greenwood decide to get it on right on the porch.

Here are Justin and Wei doing some online gaming together. You’re gonna be a daddy.” He’s happy about it, though! Another random display of public naughtiness from the animated woohoo mod.

I’d say it was Tarz War, and they were raiding with Boyd (or as they know him, “Space Invader”) and Cycl0n3, but I’ve always pictured Tarz War as a computer-based MMO rather than console.

as long as you don’t check your messages there it’s not really relevant for your game anyway.

I just bought a top and skirt today and i have to sort through my wardrobe and give stuff to charity again because i have so many goddamn clothes! Edit attraction a new feature of the sims 3 is attraction, which is available with the latest patch regardless of whether you have seasons installed. I set up an online dating profile with my sim, but whenever i try and “browse profiles” she glitches and moves across the room away from the computer. If ea got a way to let your sims set up an online dating profile, then actually send that profile out to an online type network with other players.

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