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By doing so you reduce the risk of this happening to you.Home Advisor used to go by the name of Service Magic, but they changed it.However, I don’t agree with some of their business practices, namely how they use a company’s name to direct leads back to their website. I personally no longer use HA, and I dropped them as soon as I could keep my schedule filled without them.I view this service as a tool for jump-starting a small business, but not as a long term marketing tool.If you do, you don’t have a business, you have a job. decide to use HA to grow your business, here are some insights that I’ve gained that will help you close more leads and make more money.This is the single most important factor to making HA work for you, even more so than having good reviews.Taken from the Home Advisor Website: “We changed our name to reflect our commitment to being the #1 resource for home improvement tips, advice and connections.” I have to admit, it’s a much better name and it will help them resonate with home owners.

Not only does HA build links back to their own site in the small business’s name, but they also list HA’s phone number.

Whether or not they have a good reason to change their name, it still looks bad to those who have had a negative experience working with HA.

Here is the ultimate question, and the answer is that it depends Personally, I believe it’s effective and have personally had success using the service.

I’m actively seeking these listings out and changing them to reflect my business’s correct information.

One thing I recommend doing before signing up for HA is creating your own online listings.

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