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Ayethaya Wines are grown at an altitude of 1,200 meters on the slopes of Taunggyi Mountains, near the village of Ayethaya, Geologically, these slopes are the Sounthern extension of the Himalayan Mountains.

The dominating soil is based on limestone which is ideal for the cultivation of wine. He has been living in Myanmar for many years and married to a Burmese lady . To make the wine available to distribute all year round, the company has imported wine from South Africa.

Out of 50 varieties, only less than 10 can survive in tropical climate Usually, the vine yard use a variety of grapes such as Shiraz grape ( imported from Italy ).

Myanmar sparking rose, Sauvignon Blanc ( Bordeaux) , Chenin ( Loire), red Dornfelder ( Germany ), red Tempranillo ( Spain ).

Subsequently, the Middle Permian ACs and part of the Late Permian AC underwent low-grade metamorphism in the Late to Early Jurassic, presenting the Meta-ACs.

I am going to write some of my short weekend getaways in Aye Tharyar vineyard.

During the Late Permian, the ACs formed in a mature arc, producing voluminous felsic to andesitic volcanic rocks.

The vine yard is not only to sip and enjoy the best quality wine, but also to see the panorama view and have a delicious meals.

The result is an outstanding quality wine at an amazingly low price. They used to export to China but stopped because there is not enough for local market.

By the way, I saw a lot of workers are happy there.

We have studied the petrography, geochemistry, and detrital zircon U–Pb ages of sandstones from shallow-marine forearc sediments, accretionary complexes (ACs), and metamorphosed accretionary complexes (Meta-ACs) within the Kurosegawa belt of Southwest Japan.

Those rocks formed in a forearc region of a Permian island arc associated with subduction of the Panthalassa oceanic crust along the eastern margin of the South China block (Yangtze block).

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During the Middle Permian, the ACs were accreted along the eastern margin of the South China block.

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