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I’m following it closely and will make decisions when the time is appropriate.” The model was previously granted a temporary restraining order against ex-fiancé Rob Kardashian in July 2017 after he posted nude photos of her on social media.

She shares daughter Dream, 1, with Kardashian, 30, and also has son King, 5, whom she shares with rapper Tyga.

I strongly urge you to look to the courts, talk with a lawyer, and get some legal professionals involved.

I don’t believe that for one minute the state will not press charges, or consider it illegal.

The state that I’m from says he was under 18 at the time they met, so it’s nothing they can do.

I plan on moving next month, so hopefully that will end the relationship.

The pair were holding hands as they exited their vehicle during their second outing this week.

Emotional or physical manipulation due to the difference in maturity? I do not think that I am in a good position to judge you or assume your background, but I feel that you are the best judge of your circumstances. My biggest concern is that he has given her 4 STDs!! I swear I would be locked up if I found out my 14-year old daughter was dating an 18-year old boy, and he gave her 4 STDs! Yeah, you would be reading about me on every blog, and seeing me on all the news channels. Chile, you got my blood pressure up with this letter.I am a Medical Assistant, so I have warned my daughter about different diseases and how they affect the body. When I took her to get formally diagnosed she was crying and upset. I told her he doesn’t care about her because he still has not been treated by any doctors and still has all those diseases!! A Mad Black Mother, Ma’am, I am mad with you, and for you! Ain’t no way his ole nasty infectious tainted penis and crusty baby nuts would be walking around. I wish my child would tell me that it’s not going to stop her from seeing him.Both parental teams need to work together as a unit, and then you need to express to your children why this relationship is detrimental to the both of them, the age difference, and the legal repercussions behind it all.Now, I’m mad that you just found out a month ago that they’ve been dating since April of this year, which means it’s been six months since they’ve been dating and intimate.

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