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It was as if I had somehow entered the "No Blacks Allowed" Twilight Zone.As I looked through the long list of acceptable ethnicities on a potential mate's profile, my heart would sink when my race was left off his list of racial preferences.Since I opened my eyes to colorism that constantly surrounds me, I've learned these five truths.

It seemed that colorism was everywhere and it made me incredibly paranoid.Whether it was a simple "no weaves" or "I prefer lighter skin tones" the message was not subtle. I was offended, but I had to realize that I didn't want to date someone who needed to be told that just because they had not found a black female like me attractive before, for whatever reason, didn't mean they never would.I didn't want to date someone who could blindly make a declaration of their racial preferences on the Internet or in private. But even though I was no longer online dating, the observations I made in that forum stuck.It is clear that we have substantial Native Indian blood in our family, and on my dad's side there is Scottish blood that stems from a handsy slave-trader generations ago.My blood has many shades of brown in it — my mother and several of her sisters would be considered "light-skinned" and many of her brothers have darker chocolate skin tones; my father seems to be one of the few medium-skinned folks on his side of the family, with most of the women and men being lighter shades of brown.

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The exact racial makeup of my mother's side of the family cannot be effectively traced due to slavery.

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