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His situation could have been very different had Honda stayed in F1.

The manufacturer was in advanced talks over signing Senna for 2009 but, when it pulled out and Ross Brawn succeeded with a management buy-out, Brawn opted to stick with the experience of Senna's countryman, Rubens Barrichello, who intriguingly he describes as "the craziest Brazilian I know".

Even now his grandfather has not given his blessing to his chosen career path and refuses to discuss it. Slowly she came round to the idea, although bizarrely not until he suffered arguably the biggest crash of his career in a British Formula Three race at Snetterton two years later. "My mum [Ayrton's sister, Viviane] was at the track and I remember running back to the pits before the car even got there to say mum, don't worry I'm fine'.

Over the subsequent months and years, the young Senna's desire to go racing slowly gnawed away. But after that crash she was sort of okay with me racing.

He comes from a wealthy Brazilian family, drives cars for a living, lives in Monaco and is one of the world's most eligible bachelors.

He may seem to have it all and ooze both confidence and calm but his rise to the top echelons of motorsport has been more painful and traumatic than any of his peers on the grid for Sunday's grand prix.

"Maybe I would have been a quicker racing driver but it hasn't happened that way and I think I'm quite successful anyway." Following the fatal crash, Bruno's grieving grandfather, who had previously pushed his grandson's karting ambitions with gusto at the family farm, packed everything away and refused to let him participate in motorsport. But one day, a decade on, he decided he was bored of selling cars with his grandfather and he sheepishly told his mum of his desire to go racing.

But he admits to being totally unnoticed when walking around London.

"Honestly, taking off my hat I suddenly become like an invisibility cloak and no one knows who I am," he says.

Bruno Senna is sitting in a small restaurant just off London's Fulham Road.

Carpaccio is the same place where his uncle Ayrton used to go whenever in the capital.

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He says: "I remember it the same way that I remember going karting for the first time — I don't have feelings any more.

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