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Keep an eye on Much Music.com, and I’ll continue to edit this post as well.EDIT: Much Music added interviews with Chloe & more with Justin today (July 14th)! Originally created by Linda Schuyler & Kit Hood, Degrassi is a international iconic brand known for telling stories about young people in an honest and authentic way.Over the past 35 years, Degrassi has been around in various incarnations including The Kids of Degrassi St.On Imogen’s sexuality, Cristine says that she thinks Imogen “just likes people in general,” but that she really likes Fiona and Imogen together.In particular, the fan reaction to the relationship has resonated with Cristine - AE: Once the bisexual story started, what were you hearing from fans out there who were maybe experiencing the same thing in their lives?

They talked about what we can look forward to in season 12, and some of the questions even came directly from the fans!They will not be responding to @ replies at during those times. Monday August 29th Tweet Chloe Rose by including this hashtag: #chloerose Tweet Daniel Kelly by including this hashtag: #danielkelly Tweet Jessica Tyler by including this hashtag: #jessicatyler Tweet a general question by including this hashtag: #Degrassi Grad Tuesday August 30th Tweet Sam Earle by including this hashtag: #samearle Tweet Annie Clark by including this hashtag: #annieclark Tweet Cristine Prosperi by including this hashtag: #cristineprosperi Tweet a general question by including this hashtag: #Degrassi Grad Wednesday August 31st To Be Announced Thursday September 1st To Be Announced It’s that time of the year again.The week before the premiere of the new season of Degrassi always gets a little crazy.(1979 - 1986), Degrassi Junior High (1987 - 1989), Degrassi High (1989 - 1991), Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001 - 2010), Degrassi (2010 - 2015), and Degrassi: Next Class (Coming in 2016).Despite changes in culture and technology over the past 35 years, this little Canadian teen drama has continued to touch the hearts of thousands of kids (and adults! In the words of Executive Producer Linda Schuyler: Fiona and Imogen (better known as ‘Fimogen’) are arguably one of Degrassi’s most popular couples.

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