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A lot of nosy Nellies wanted to know if Duff lost her virginity to Madden, and she put a moratorium on the conversation in an interview with Cosmopolitan in March 2015: "I had a 26-year-old boyfriend, so everyone can make their own assumptions about what I was doing."After a long string of famous relationships gone sour, Duff went north to Canada to find her next boo.She began dating Mike Comrie, an NHL hockey player, in 2007.

One thing that separates the “Sparks” singer from the rest of the Hollywood dating scene is how she handles her dating life in a refreshing, mature manner.

Hilary was dating Joel Madden from "Good Charlotte," but they went their separate ways.

Joel is now married to Nicole Richie, and Hilary is just dating, not getting too serious.

I hope homegirl is having more luck on the swipe site than I do, but I'm sure she is because she's got a great attitude about love and relationships.

Let's reminisce about Duff's past relationships from her Disney days until now, and suggest some potential eligible dudes to move on to next.

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