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I hope everyone who joins or is just interested in checking this out will help contribute ideas for future meetings...

Grow in Faith and Fall in Love ® at Catholic! (Boise Active Singles)We are a group of single adults who get together for all kinds of activities such as biking, running, hiking, rafting, concerts, social events...anything we decide to do. We are interested in pursuing an active, fun lifestyle with other dynamic people.We seek avenues to impact our Treasure Valley community in a positive way.The New Member Social is our only regular monthly event but some popular events include sand volleyball, theatrical performances, going to see local bands, Greenbelt bike rides and even some community volunteer events. Q – What are my responsibilities if I choose to host an event? BAS is intended to be for single people to get together with others for activities, fun and to expand their social circle.A – As the event host your first job is to provide information about the event. It is preferable that a host greet attendees as they arrive and act as a point of contact for members. That said, romantic relationships have evolved from the friendships made through BAS.

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Regardless, members are expected to treat each other with respect. A – BAS does not have age biases, though some events would require a minimum age of 21 because of the venues.

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