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Hosts are permitted to contact any user via person-to-person or private chat at any time. Our rooms are meant for people with chronic pain disorders, their friends and family, and people who have recovered from chronic pain disorders.

Hosts may remove anyone who does not fall into these categories, who is not using the room for the discussion of and support for chronic pain disorders, and/or who is inactive (or "idle") in the room for an hour or more.

The rules have been developed based on the experiences of the hosts, moderators, and chat members.

Arguing with or complaining to the hosts about the rules will not cause the rules to change and may result in your removal from the rooms.

By engaging in Internet "stings" in chat rooms and on social networking sites, law enforcement agencies attempt to lure otherwise law abiding individuals into inappropriate conversations with a purported "minor." These contacts often form the basis of an accosting and/or solicitation of a minor offense.

Law enforcement officers impersonating minors in order to entice individuals into illegal liaisons is a favorite lie used by police.

Discussion of chronic pain and related issues is always the first priority here, even during more social times. We cannot be a support community if chat participants do not respect one another or the hosts.

The following rules are meant to help the rooms remain safe and supportive: Do not contact people via private chat unless you have permission.

The Surviving Chronic Chat Room is intended for people with chronic pain disorders, people who have recovered from chronic pain disorders.

The chat rooms are not equipped to handle such situations.

Additionally, it is unfair to discuss suicidal intentions in the rooms when people cannot contact you directly (don't know your identity) or contact the proper professional help for you in your area. If you have the need to discuss thoughts about suicide or self harm with someone, please use the Crisis & Suicide Resources available at our sister site you try to log in and it says that your name requires a password, add a number or numbers to your name and try to log in again.

It is always better to err on the side of caution when the potential criminal penalties are severe.

Contact The Internet Crimes Defense Team With Proven Results At a time when it may seem nobody is on your side, the law firm of Grabel & Associates is here to help you.

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