Gridview updatepanel not updating

This is particularly useful in scenarios where different parts of the page are responsible for different actions.

For example, in one part of the page you may prompt the user for input.

However, only certain portions of the page are updated under certain circumstances.

The following screenshot shows the page when it is first visited.

Like with a full page postback, a partial page postback sends a request back to the server but does so through client-side script.

Moreover, only those regions within Update Panels are rended and have their markup return in the HTTP response, and that markup is updated through Java Script.

The download available at the end of this article contains a working example of a Grid View in an Update Panel that supports editing, delting, paging, and sorting.

Also add another Button control outside of the Update Panels.

NET AJAX Framework we looked at the basics of the ASP. We discussed how to download and install the framework and the basics of the Update Panel.

The Update Panel makes creating interactive user interfaces as easy as dragging and dropping.

At this point, your page's declarative markup should look similar to the following: event that fires during each page visit, be it a full postback or a partial one.

Create an event handler for this event for each of the two Update Panels and, in the event handler, set the appropriate Label's Set a breakpoint in these three event handlers and start debugging the page.

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Upon entering this input, you might want to store it to a database and then update another part of the page that summarizes the inputted data.

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