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I can’t offer you the genuine chill you’ll get after watching a seemingly isolated episode that suddenly ends with just the implication that it was connected to Larger Ongoing Events.

You won’t get 100% of the enjoyment out of the show by watching it this way, but I’d wager you’ll get a whole lot, and for about half the investment of time.

Why would anyone claim to have invested 110 hours (minus commercials!

) in a show about the United Nations in space, if they didn’t actually do it?

) but not all of them are crucial to the show’s story.Earth has taken the initiative in building this last best hope for peace, along with a recent enemy species called the Minbari.The UN metaphor is not subtle — a small council of the most powerful species preside semi-democratically over a more “general assembly” of smaller worlds.This contains crucial information, obviously.‘s original Chekov) as well as one of the plot’s major factions, the Psi Corp.Episode 8 – And the Sky Full of Stars: Here we get our first concrete evidence that there really is something going on here, some hidden rhyme to the show’s events thus far.

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