Osamu mukai dating

Japanese people love to find something new and follow trends.

Their keen eyes are also on new celebrities including singers, bands, actors, actresses, models, and comedians.

You will see how talented he is as an actor and how kakkoii (cool; かっこいい) he really is!

You might have seen on Japanese TV programs or in Japanese magazines news on newcomers who give shy smiles to the audience.

On the other hand, due to the rapid cycle of the Japanese showbiz world, it is also true that although a celebrity may have been famous a few years back, their popularity dwindled and you don’t see them as often as before.

Stubborn Kohei’s father is played by Yutaka Matsushige (松重豊), who leaves a big impression on-screen and becomes a key person in the story.

The beautiful shooting locations go perfectly well with this pure love story.

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