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In a (totally non-scientific) survey of 1,890 members on Ashley Madison, which caters to married people looking for some action on the side, 95 percent said they enjoyed their honeymoon—and yet they still found themselves looking for something more.In an effort to find out if there was any correlation between a bad honeymoon and a person’s decision to cheat on their spouse, Ashley Madison asked survey takers who didn’t enjoy their honeymoon to share what went wrong.But when the economy improved and the economics allowed it, conservatism and judgment came roaring back in.I decided that if there were going to be artificial obstacles, then everything is fair game.Out of all the online dating services, the ones that have survived--like Match and e Harmony--built a brand. Think about it: The traditional ways people went about having affairs were definitely not effective. Or they were having affairs within their circle of friends. So our mission was to say that if you're thinking about having an affair you're not alone. I decided Ashley Madison needed to be a female-centered brand.If we were just a service we wouldn't have that credibility. I looked at a ton of research and frankly threw most of it out the window, but what I did find is that when women entered the workplace the dynamic started to change.When your predecessor was the bastion of last resort you desperately need credibility.

“However, a happy honeymoon, on the other hand, isn't a predictor of a happy marriage either.”That’s not to say there may not be repercussions from a less-than-stellar getaway.

See more: Men Seem to Think Emotional Infidelity Isn't That Serious But, again, the survey queried active members on Ashley Madison who were looking for something outside of their marriage.

Because there’s no data analyzing the responses of people who’d experienced a bad honeymoon but wasn’t actively pursuing an extramarital relationship, we suggest taking these results with a (very course) grain of salt.

Among the group, 58 percent said they had little or no sex during their trip, while 37 percent said the trip was not what they expected.

Almost a quarter of respondents said they argued a lot with their spouse.

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Imagine going away with the person you just vowed to be with forever, and then discovering the two of you have vastly different standards of what commitment looks like—while you’re standing in a tropical paradise. Arguably, your honeymoon is probably one of the most important trips you’ll take with your spouse.

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