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change one string at a time Block it from behind so it's not "floating" anymore. Possible mod, has two knobs, volume and tone; total of four switches (One for each pickup and one master). : : does anyone have any tricks on keeping these beasts in tune and changing strings without trem lifting off body? one tone,stop bar with bridge like gibson, cloud inlays on fretboard white R logo. a black eagle neckthrough, looks like dimarzios but no coil tapping or phase reverse. If its of any interest to you just e-mail me and we'll see whats what. excellant condition, all original except chickenhead knob, just wondering what I should list it for on ebay, Thinking of starting at ,000, would like your opinions thanks i also have a guitar with a similar serial#. Its a bolt on neck, 4 in a row shark fin headstock, serial number : BJ 30117. looked under pick ups and in control cavity no luck. The closest thing I found on the net is some guitars in japan, JE series. Please help with date, value, and any info about the JE series.(if this is one.)Love this guitar but can't find any info. it has a rosewood veneer headstock and bc rich inlaid. Just wandering if anyone could help me with any info on this guitar as I was told it is one of the first virgins they produced. I have a Virgin with yellow/black crackle and a serial number 23xxx If somebody happened to know what the serial number was on the first virgins, for example 22xxx was the first in '89 or something, then we would know. There are only 12 that made it to this country and the twelfth one came shipped broken and had to be shipped back to Czechoslovakia. serial # "B 4623" that is on the neck plate that also says " B. I have a BC Rich Warlock Bass, NJ Series which I purchased used in 1991. Its a Platinum Series with an older style bridge, blood red, gold hardware, all original except for the inside of the bridge (the pot metal) broke and I machined a duplicate from aluminum, gives it a much better sound by the way, serial number is 22920. Its probably between '89 and '93 because after that Bernie took back over from Class Axe and i dont think they made Virgins for a number of years after.

Beginning in 1976, the numbers started with the year then the number of production (YYXXX).After the company was purchased by Class Axe in 1989 production of the hand-made, neck-through models was halted for several years, although GMW (Neal Moser) supplied some stock made from rejected then repaired bodies handbuilt through the years.After Class Axe took over there were a number of different serial schemes designated for the American, Asian and Bolt-on guitars. Rich Mockingbird was designed by Johnny "Go-Go" Kessel. The Mockingbird model experienced a resurgence in the early 1990s through Guns N' Roses lead guitarist Slash after he played one on the Use Your Illusion world tour.the headstock is the shape of what you would see on a modern bronze series but it has the b.c. the chrome plate where the neck and body meet has the b.c. rich logo on them so im guessing they are stock and theres 2 volume, 1 tone, and one 3way selector. rich logo, then under that it has the serial number 609229, then under that it says "LA California" and under that "U. ive tried searching but i couldnt find anything with a serial number like this and almost nothing on platinum warlocks w/o a widow headstock. : about a year ago i bought a used platinum warlock but i have no idea how old it is and its driving me crazy.

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