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The social changes following the war and an era of socialism have seen the traditional norms surrounding marriage, sex and sexuality loosen in Bosnia.

Despite religious prohibitions from both the Muslim and Christian denominations, Bosnians are getting married later in life, engaging in prenuptial sex more commonly and using birth control more.

The figure describing the country’s migrant population size in Australia is based on the number of Australian residents that were born in that country.

Hence, this represents the population of first-generation migrants only, not the entire number of people living in Australia who identify with the culture in question.

Many pride themselves on being ‘handymen’, able to fix anything.

Men are also expected to present themselves tidily; however, it is more acceptable for them to be slightly unkempt.

In return, Bosnians are expected to care for their elderly. Elders are highly respected for their wisdom and experience.Statistics describing the country’s linguistic, religious and ethnic demographics are based on its most recent national census.However, if these statistics are out-dated, unavailable, unreliable, or the country’s statistical department does not formally gather information on the categories listed, the Cultural Atlas substitutes the most recent global estimates cited in the CIA World Factbook .Bosnian families are traditionally patriarchal and lineage is carried through the male side of the family; however, it is becoming more common for husbands and wives to share the decision-making power in contemporary society.It is normal for a man to be the formal head of household, representing the family in public whilst the woman has the most authority at home.

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