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With a bit of creativity, the idea is just as seductive now.

You could always take a bar of soap and write sexy messages on the side windows of your car as well before leaving, so that when the two of you heat up the vehicle your notes will be displayed.

If you have reason to doubt or speculate about someone you're dating, and you sense something isn't right, guess what? It could be something glaringly obvious, or it could be a string... Catch a liar by paying close attention to a person's stories, asking questions to see if there are discrepancies in a story and watching the person's facial expressions. When it comes to matters of the heart, there will always be two sides to each story.Now, whether you’re to blame, or your man is, Rev Run and Tyrese will most certainly have something to say about it. If you have a little girl, six, seven, eight years old, she sees how it goes down in your house. I'm just going to tell you how good I treat my wife, and how we get along.If you need help, here are a few ideas: Sex Books for Couples Create your own seductive game to play with one another, or purchase sexy board games for couples that guide you in the right direction — it's up to you.Either way, when you inject a bit of fun and levity into your seductive date, you'll both benefit from the intimate connection and memorable moments.

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They are unexpected, inexpensive and unusual, so a seductive text message might just add some icing to a sexy date request.

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