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The psychology behind this clever approach is well documented, and is a good example of the velvet rope experience in practice.So in other words, think Other examples here include the story of Tinder.This can quickly inhibit your ability to build-measure-learn through rapid loops.When I caught up with Brant Cooper, the author of the Lean Entrepreneur over a dinner organized by Lean Mantra recently, he shared an interesting way of thinking about these problems which I found insightful.It’s about how to step back to look at your business model canvas, assess areas of your strategic direction that are at risk, and identify rapid experiments to learn and evolve a sustainable approach. One of the challenges I’ve heard of with applying Lean Startup to platform/marketplace problems is that it can be hard to test experiments without your MVP including a network that is already seeded.In other words, building out the early community or marketplace with at least a few categories and active users has to be a part of your MVP in order to effectively test anything or learn about the market.

Sandra, the founder of Quibb took the approach of manually curating every single invitee.Examples of such products are Airbnb, Uber, Craigslist, and almost every dating app.The good news is that chicken and egg problem is solvable, that’s why the above companies exist.One of the challenges with building platform products or marketplaces is the classic ‘ghost town’ or ‘chicken and egg’ problem.It’s what happened to early Google Wave users who initially signed up, found that they had no one to wave to, and didn’t return.

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