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After Laura Sessions Stepp's Cosmopolitan article, "A New Kind of Date Rape", gray rape definition came to include regrettable sexual experiences and decisions made under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

In 2014, Washington and Lee University expelled a student identified only as John Doe for what was described as "gray rape" after he allegedly raped a woman identified as Jane Doe.

In her blog, she wrote about why one of her clients prefers her dinner events over online dating.

“He could be introduced to single women in person, shake their hand and instantly get a sense of physical chemistry...

Within 21 days John was expelled from Washington and Lee. In 2015, Washington and Lee filed to dismiss the lawsuit, but Judge Norman K.

Moon denied the motion to dismiss allowing John Doe to continue seeking damages from his expulsion believing that John had been the wrongly accused of sexual misconduct.

Natriya @20 Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to hear that a couple met online or through social media.

For singles over 50 who are used to meeting in person, the world of online dating can be overwhelming.

In fact, I was reading a really interesting blog recently on Huff Post written by Dianne Gratton who created Dating Over Dinner events for Boston singles age 45 .

According to the claim, Jane met John at a party in February 2014 where the two had sex; she did not ask him to stop at the time, but later regretted it, reportedly after seeing him kiss another woman.

In the summer of 2014 while working at a women’s clinic that helps sexual assault victims, Jane spoke with staff and later reassessed the encounter as rape.

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