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He didn’t know how to go about doing either, but that friend, Pam, did, and she turned to me.

John was born as Earl White Weasel on Eagle Butte Reservation in South Dakota.

Occasionally, the project administrators of the American Indian project at Family Tree DNA are presented with a rare opportunity to test an individual who is either full-blooded Native or nearly so.

Recently, a Native Sioux man, John Iron Moccasin, born Earl White Weasel, stepped forward.

The Sioux The Sioux are groups of Native American tribes and First Nations peoples in North America.

The term can refer to any ethnic group within the Great Sioux Nation or to any of the nation’s many language dialects.

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John is tribally enrolled with the Cheyenne Sioux based on his birth parents.

Many people ask how to work with Native records, and this article will follow my step-by-journey with both John’s traditional genealogy as well as his genetic genealogy, tracking each line back in time.

But first, let’s look at the history of the Sioux people.

But first, perhaps you’d like to hear John’s story.

The results of the research into John’s history, both genealogically and genetically are fascinating.

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