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Top tip – don’t turn it off after you have orgasmed the first time, after 5-10 minutes you may experience the holy grail of multiple dry orgasms.We recommend a small anal trode near the prostate, and a trode on the glans. This works best with a four pole anal plug such as a PES Stanley.Pulses and strokes will keep you hard and on the edge almost permanently. We recommend a trode below the balls (B), and a trode on the glans (A).It also works well Tri Phase with a common as a cockring and B on the prostate. Imagine a hand, fist, vagina, anus, or more interesting orifice enveloped around your phallus. Prepare to experience nirvana and afterwards you probably won’t smell like teen spirit.

This track is ideal for your bound sub in a BDSM scenario. We recommend a large anal trode near the prostate for B, and a urethral trode for A.

This track works best with a tri-phase setup – use a cock ring or a pad underneath your balls as the common trode and place A on your cockhead, or inside your urethra, and B embedded in your ass, preferably mashed against your prostate. The sounds here are relentless, pulling, pushing and thrusting. Ramp it up and experience that anal ecstasy and electro domination.

Also works as a Ch A on cock and Ch B up tush, but work that ass!

Waves and pulses and strokes of sixty hands gripping your cock from root to tip and exploring your prostate, balls, and glans with sweeping caresses, squeezes and milking grips. We recommend a small anal trode near the prostate, and a trode on the glans.

This track also works well with tri-phase – add a common as a cock ring, or if you are adventurous, on your balls.

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