When do percy and annabeth start dating being too accommodating in a relationship

" I asked pulling her onto my lap."I ran into a Cyclops and last night I was exhausted.

Oh and make sure that Matthew does the dishes before Helen gets back or she'll have my neck." With that he left Annabeth and I alone."So Wisegirl why weren't you at school day?

"I changed schools and decided to come here for the last few months."Bobby passed through the room as I said this. "Complain further and you'll be doing his to." Grumbling Bobby took the waste out to the street. This was only the third time I had talked to him in person so I didn't really know what he was like. I've got kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, so nothing special.""Could you stay for dinner?

" he whined walking into the room."Your brother is also going to do chores." He looked as if he was going to protest. Annabeth and I sat down and her dad sat down in an armchair.

Once was before I held up the sky and the second was last summer when Annabeth was picked up. Matthew laughed while his brother pushed it off him. "I blew up another school bus and no other school would take me." I shrugged my shoulders as we turned onto another street, "Figured I might as well just go to school here." Of course it was more complex than me just missing Annabeth. " Annabeth was dressed in jeans and a grey tee-shirt and looked beautiful."Hey Wisegirl." Annabeth caught sight of me and her face lit up."Percy? I slid into the front seat and tossed my bag in the back and it unfortunately landed on bobby. I followed her out of the house closing the door behind me."Come on, Annabeth. Besides, the gods were giving me a hell of a time and I missed you.""Oh, Percy you missed me.""Well I wouldn't put it like that.""You just did seaweed brain.""Right.""Percy? As revealed in The Sword of Summer, when Annabeth was seven years old (shortly before she ran away from home), she had visited her Uncle Randolph at his mansion during Thanksgiving and played with her then five or six-year-old cousin Magnus, while Fredrick argued with Randolph, Annabeth's Uncle, and Magnus's mother, Natalie.This argument created a rift in the family that caused the separation between Annabeth, Magnus, Randolph, and Natalie for many years.

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I placed my bag on the blue hood of my jeep a riffled through it until I found my keys. " She came over and gave me a hug."Well Annabeth I missed you so much that I decided to move here and go to school." I released her from my arms and held her hand in my own."He blew up another school bus," called Bobby from the kitchen. " Annabeth asked glaring at me."I swear it wasn't my fault. Annabeth tugged at the sliding at the sliding glass door until it opened. The kiss depended and my hands slid around her waist.

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