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Haldar and his brother, Saptarsi, each had 12 years of classical piano lessons as kids, an education that came in handy when Raj Haldar wrote string arrangements for "I definitely identified with the outsiderdom of the minority experience," he says when asked what attracted a suburban New Jersey immigrant kid to the music born on the streets of New York a generation earlier.

"These parallel things started to come together," remembers Haldar, who will perform along with the two-thirds-Philadelphian/one-third-New Yorker production trio CSLSX (pronounced "casual sex") at Johnny Brenda's on Saturday.

So he said" - Haldar slips into a stoner's voice - " 'I'm going to bring over a joint and we're going to sit down in your living room and listen to this record.' That was like a pivotal moment in my young adult life.

It was like, 'This is the music I've been waiting to hear all my life!

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That duality informed my love for a technical understanding of the music that underlies the music I ended up making. I wanted to know more and more and more." Haldar is the son of a schoolteacher and an electrical engineer who emigrated from the Indian state of Bengal.

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