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On Monday 19 August the Jacobite standard was raised there.

On August 19 that standard was raised at Glenfinnan and a general call to arms was put out.

His aim is to raise a Jacobite army and restore his family to the throne of the Kingdom of Great Britain.

Antoine Walsh, né le 22 janvier 1703 à Saint-Malo , mort le 2 mars 1763 au Cap-Français .

All but Antoine Walsh and another in his troop named O'Sullivan urged him to return to France.

Charles refused to listen to any advice and gradually assembled a few local supporters.

Captain Brett made four drawings illustrating the successive stages of the encounter, and this picture is based on that of the final phase (in the Sandwich collection, Kingzett, op. She encountered a rough sea and tempestuous weather on the 15th and 16th, after which the weather became fine till the midnight of the 20th, when a violent storm arose.

Charles sent letters and messengers from his HQ at Borrodale summoning support and he decided on Glenfinnan as the place where he would first assemble his army.

Later the captured 2 sloops carrying barley and oatmeal, which Charles bought from their captains and distributed to the general population.

Accompanied by his attendants, the prince immediately landed in Eriska, and was conducted to the house of Angus Mac Donald, the tacksman, or principal tenant thereof and of the small islands adjoining.

While prolonged (unsuccessful) discussions were taking place between Charles and the influential Scots clansmen of the area, two vessels appeared making for the strait in which the continued her course during the night, and next morning cast anchor in the bay of Lochnanuagh (Loch na n Uamh), which partly divides the countries of Moidart and Arisaig.

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