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The Mega Drive version was developed and published by Ma-Ba, although certain elements were recycled from the Super NES version.The game is set in the first series of Sailor Moon, and the players take control of one or two of the five heroines.Sailor Saturn is the only Soldier not featured in the game.Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S is a 2D fighting game for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, featuring nine Sailor Soldiers (Sailor Saturn is not present) and based on Sailor Moon S season. Virtual camera is zooming during battle, approaching the fighters and retreating from them. Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (or Sailor Moon Arcade) is a 1995 beat 'em up video game developed by Gazelle (one of the offshoots of shooter developer Toaplan) and published by Banpresto in March 1995 and released only in Japan.One of the other differences from the first game is the special attack that destroys all on-screen enemies. Shuyaku Soudatsusen is a fighting game developed by and published by Angel and released on December 16, 1994.The game features three game modes: A single-player plot-based Story mode, as well as a Tournament mode and 2-Player Versus mode where all the Sailor Soldiers are able to be selected including the Outer Soldiers.Each Sailor Soldier has some sequences of blows, three aerial attacks (neutral, moving forward/backward, downward) and a special charge-up projectile.The enemies are the monsters of the Dark Kingdom that appeared in the anime, but if more than one of the same kind appears at once, the others use palette swaps.

Bosses also has their own song rather than a generic theme for all of them.

Unlike other Sailor Moon games, it was developed and published by Bandai instead of Angel.

The sprites from the previous game were redesigned with more detail and more animation frames for this game and the later games.

The game has different endings for each playable character.

Sailor Moon R is the sequel to the first Sailor Moon and introduced a new playable character, Chibiusa.

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