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This paper will focus on children with developmental disabilities and neurologic injury, and will highlight the risks involved with these patients, and the effects of common sedatives and analgesic agents on the central nervous system.The purpose of this paper is to provide the pediatrician and pediatric subspecialist a better understanding on the neurologic effects of different sedative and analgesic medications so that rational and safe choices can be used in children with developmental disabilities and neurologic disorders without causing further “neurologic” compromise.Most children, however, are able to resume their normal activity within a few hours after the procedure.Depending on the sedative medication used, children may continue to be sleepy and unsteady on their feet for a few hours after the procedure.Procedures such as MRI scans require the child to be completely still to ensure adequate quality of the scans.

Some children may continue to need monitoring and observation in the recovery room until they are awake.With advances in health care, many children with developmental disabilities and neurologic disorders are living longer lives, and increasingly require diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.Pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists are increasing being called upon to safely sedate and provide analgesia for these children for diagnostic procedures (CT, MRI, angiogram, endoscopy, and bronchoscopy) and for therapeutic interventions (interventional radiology, intracranial injury, and emergency stabilization).A growing chorus of advocates including pediatricians and lawmakers are calling for change.Megyn Kelly is one of America’s most prominent news anchors, known for her ability to focus on breaking stories, as well as in-depth investigative reports, newsmaker interviews and human interest pieces.

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Depending on the sedative medication used and the child's response, some children may be awake at the end of the procedure and ready to go home soon thereafter once specific discharge criteria are met.

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