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For example, with rabbits a leg vein may be used as for dogs/cats but sometimes a vein in the ear is used depending on the rabbit’s size.Rodents and small furries are often anaesthetised in an anaesthetic induction gas chamber before the euthanasia solution is applied into the abdominal cavity (around the liver).The drug works very quickly, typically within seconds, and causes your pet’s muscles to relax, breathing to cease, and finally heart to stop beating.The vet will check your pet’s heart has stopped beating and confirm to you that ‘he/she has gone’.This will allow you to look back over days to weeks to look for trends in how your pet is doing. Keep in mind that some of the medications used to help sedate your pet prior to the final part of the euthanasia process may make him or her slightly nauseous so try not to give a large amount of food within 1-2 hours of the appointment. This is a very personal question and truly depends on your child's age, maturity level, and ability to reason.You can also make a list of 5 things that your pet used to like to do when he or she was well. As a parent, this is your chance to help teach your children that death is a natural part of life and that it is not to be feared.However this is not done in all cases and it depends for example on the behaviour and demeanour of your pet and other circumstances related to the euthanasia.It is advisable to discuss this beforehand with your practice and clarify your wishes in advance; where there is any doubt, the use of a sedative is recommended. The next step is for the vet to administer the euthanasia solution via the intravenous catheter.

It is a privilege and an honor to partner with a family during this most difficult time. Plan to have other family members and pets in the house say goodbye if they will not be present during the euthanasia.Peaceful relaxation and full unconsciousness sets in over 5-15 minutes. As the anesthesia overwhelms the brain and shuts it down, the breathing quickens and stops within 30 seconds, followed by the heart slowing and stopping over 1-3 minutes. You may also see that the eyes remain slightly open, the skin may twitch, and the tongue may relax out a little.Occasionally, one to three sudden deep breaths occur. You should discuss the euthanasia process for your particular pet with your practice beforehand.Pet euthanasia is a massive overdose of anesthesia.

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The euthanasia solution contains a drug called pentobarbital that used to be used as a general anaesthetic drug; the current solutions used are often coloured blue, yellow or pink.

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