Strict parents on dating

With your parents constantly hovering, asking who you’re talking to… You’re mostly stuck doing lunch or an early evening coffee.You have to pretend a LOT that you’re talking to your friend “Tina”. :-( Unless, of course, you are ready to take him through the grinding session of too many questions, being cornered, and so on and so forth.

Every romance starts with cute texts and long calls over the phone, but not yours! Or ever looking glam when you happen to bump into your crush! You can’t even manage to get away for a romantic dinner (without basically pretending that 20 other people are accompanying you).

SO not happening with each one of your bills being discussed in detail!

Your parents aren't just strict for you, but your friends too.

I definitely know what it feels like to have really strict parents who won’t let you do what you want – when I was in high school, my parents were crazy overprotective.

While they never told me I wasn’t allowed to date, they weren’t exactly thrilled when I got my first boyfriend. I was (am) too stubborn, and instead of trying to talk things out to get my way, I yelled, cried, and snuck around behind their backs.

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