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We all look like sh*t sometimes – but she doesn’t need to hear you say it. We may not all need such a confirmation of our value, but we all want it. Having someone understand you is having someone completely know you for the person that you really are.

There’s no confusion, there’s no misunderstanding or misconception.

She wants you to be strong not for the sake of being strong – she wants you to be strong for her. Well, for some women, you very well may need to be, but hopefully you’ll only end up with one who admires the traits required for turning oneself into a millionaire and not the money alone. We’re competitive by nature and there is no getting around it. She just wants you to think – know – that she’s the most beautiful, best woman in the world for you.

It brings her pleasure, makes her feel safe and turns her on. A woman doesn’t only want a man to have love only for her, but a love for life, for living things. Generally speaking, the right woman will love you for you, but she does need you to make her feel secure. But she’d like you to be capable of it – even if her salary is bigger than yours. She needs you to think she is the best thing that ever happened to you.

There are really only seven things – seven qualities that she’s looking for in a life partner.

Although these qualities are hard to find, they are qualities of which every man is capable.

These seven things are not out of any man’s reach, yet the fact is that most lack at least one.

Now, you may like to argue that no one is perfect and therefore no one has all seven of these qualities, but that’s just not true.

That’s very unfortunate, but it’s simply the world we live in. She wants to know that you’ll keep her safe, healthy and comfortable.

My 2nd time to watch this and still loving every single of it!!! The only positives about this drama were the comedy, ost and the last 2 episodes where there is finally an emotional breakthrough between the Kong family members. She just want to fall in love and return a kiss when she is unsure. waiting for the ending of this story..still have no answer...... but he was a good friend I think he was so funny hehehehe LOVE KI TAE AND JANG MI This drama never fails to make me smile. I really love the chemistry of gi tae and jang mi, they are so cute together that is why I hope to see them togethervin other dramas.after watching it, I still can't move on that even during sleep, i suddenly smile coz i remember those funny moments of this drama.. The story is more about relationships & responsibilities..communications are very important.

The rest of this was just repetitive break up and make up cycles that started becoming annoying to watch. It is pretty boring if the writer had not wrapped it in comedy.

There are plenty of men out there who are sufficient in each of these categories, not perfectly, but sufficient enough to make a woman incredibly happy. A woman doesn’t want a man to lie to her about important matters.

She wants to be an important part of his life – the most important part, in fact.

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