Types of archaeological dating

However, wet organic materials are very sensitive to light, movement, and chemical changes (such as being moved from salt to fresh water too quickly).

Part of our excavation process includes being ready to stabilize and conserve materials in the field that are rarely found in dry sites.

Alloys are often stronger and more durable than pure metals.

Bronze is an alloy of copper and either zinc or tin.

The goals of archaeology remain the same wherever Paleoindian fieldwork is conducted- namely, we wish to learn more about our shared human past and how, and when, and where, people came to the New World and survived in a rapidly changing environment at the end of the Pleistocene.Agora - An open-air place of congregation in an ancient Greek city, generally the public square or marketplace, that served as a political, civic, religious, and commercial center.Alidade - An optical surveyor's instrument used in the field to create topographic maps and top plans.Typically, organic materials are brought to the surface and stabilized as soon as possible.This is doubly important if we hope to directly date the object with a radiocarbon assay.

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Aerial Reconnaissance - The technique of searching for sites and features, both cultural and natural, from the air, often using aerial photography or the human eye.

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