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Maach, Mishti & More: The Swastika Mukherjee character is too tired for sex, so the man asks for a **** job.

The outwardly liberated Paoli Dam, too, felt obliged to go through similar justification, circa 2013.

About Chatrak she said, 'See, the film is much more than the oral sex scene.

The subtitle ‘You can download it for free’ does not suggest that the film Gandu can be downloaded from the Web.

Gandu (2010) is a low- budget ‘art’ film in Bengali, much of it filmed in crisp, well photographed black and white. Its DVDs are not available legally in India and, from all accounts, it has not been screened commercially in India. (See Q (Kaushik Mukherjee)) Gandu is a North Indian word derived from the Hindi-Bengali term for derriere.

Gandu, Nandini Ramnath writes, was never meant to be released (in India): and it was not.

Dola Mitra writes, ' Almost all Bengali releases in these recent years, whether arthouse or mainstream, either have sexual content, that is, at least one love-making or intimate scene, or have themes that revolve around eroticism or sexuality..' Indeed, since around 2005 there has been an accelerated trend towards adult content in Bengali cinema.

A second reason is that a growing section of Bengali audiences wants adult content. Therefore, commercial films, especially the potboilers, remain oriented towards families.

In Bengal, as in the rest of India, traditionally it was not done for a Hindu character-especially a woman--to enjoy sex outside marriage. At the other end, onscreen Muslims had never heard of sex.) The adultery of the eponymous heroine of Paroma (1984) was described as her tapasya (stern religious penance).

Its nearest English equivalent is ‘asshole’ and it implies a male who receives anal sex.

It was the first Bengali film with full-frontal nudity and the second Indian film after Trishagni.

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