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• Relationships within a company can be awkward for those not involved in the relationship.This problem is enhanced with businesses with less than 200 employees because employees know a greater percent of the company (as opposed to larger businesses where a single employee may only know part of their division) and works with more of the company with greater frequency.Dating in the workplace can be fraught with problems.Nevertheless, around 16% of employees have considered it, or have indulged in it.

Are they allowed to make date plans or exchange a kiss as they pass in the halls?

By allowing dating and establishing a dating policy, a small business owner can still make sure employees keep their private lives private while also undercutting deception. Even if employees do not want to date, they may gain respect for their employer because their employer has shown them that they are being trusted.

They also can see that their employer believes them to be mature and responsible enough to make the appropriate decision.

If you really cannot stop falling in love, one or both of you may need to consider finding a job elsewhere.

Companies are nervous about liability when employees date.

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Furthermore, to cover their backs, many businesses will not even permit spouses or relatives to work together.

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