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The Green Revolution—a series of agricultural innovations producing improved varieties of wheat that could respond better to irrigation and benefit from fertilizer—provided that opportunity.

In 1966, India imported eleven million tons of grain.

Sahai, a geneticist and a prominent environmental activist, is the founder of the Delhi-based Gene Campaign, a farmers’-rights organization.

“The British destroyed the agricultural system and made no investments.

Nearly half of the world’s soybeans and a third of its corn are products of biotechnology.

Cotton that has been engineered to repel the devastating bollworm dominates the Indian market, as it does almost everywhere it has been introduced. At the age of sixty-one, she is constantly in motion: this year, she has travelled not only across Europe but throughout South Asia, Africa, and Canada, and twice to the United States.

If she personally accepted all the awards, degrees, and honors offered to her, she would have time for little else.

Shiva’s fiery opposition to globalization and to the use of genetically modified crops has made her a hero to anti-G. Shiva contends that nothing less than the future of humanity rides on the outcome.“There are two trends,” she told the crowd that had gathered in Piazza Santissima Annunziata, in Florence, for the seed fair. “We would have no hunger in the world if the seed was in the hands of the farmers and gardeners and the land was in the hands of the farmers,” she said.“Our commitment is to make sure that dictatorship never flourishes.” While she spoke, I stood among the volunteers who were selling heirloom vegetable seeds and handing out information about organic farming.Most were Italian college students in for the day from Bologna or Rome, and few could take their eyes off her.The nutritional demands of the developing world’s rapidly growing middle class—more protein from pork, beef, chicken, and eggs—will add to the pressure; so will the ecological impact of climate change, particularly in India and other countries where farmers depend on monsoons.Many scientists are convinced that we can hope to meet those demands only with help from the advanced tools of plant genetics.

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