Dating guru women pros and cons of dating a much younger woman

He said: ‘British women don’t look after themselves.‘[Women elsewhere] are more beautiful, they’re more elegant, more feminine, more intelligent.Explaining his top five nations for the opposite sex, Richard, 37, said: ‘I travelled to over sixty countries and dated women from all over the world.‘I often went to a place just because it was supposed to have wonderful women.

Latvia – ‘This former USSR country has tons of talent – although it’s somewhat spoilt for the rest by British blokes who go there for cheap stag parties.

This seemed to rile Piers up, who labelled the so-called dating expert a ‘d*ck’, live on TV – causing me to spit out my green tea and say to myself ‘did he just say what I think he did? Check out the interview below: On the show, the 'dating guru' went on to say you do find beautiful women in the UK, but they always tend to be from other countries - whereas if you went to Russia, or any other Eastern European country, they are all natives.

He also stated he was very successful with dating British women before he went travelling across the world in 2009, (like a middle-class backpacker trying to 'find himself').

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