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The method of marking proved so successful that some smaller companies adapted the use of these date code marks for their own pieces.To guarantee that a piece was made by Minton and not another company it is best to look for the impressed MINTON mark in addition to the date code when trying to determine the pedigree of any particular piece.A circle inside a triangle for 1876, a cross inside a rectangle for 1884, a dot inside a square for 1869, Staffordshire knot for 1888 ..... This info is taken from what Goddens says about Minton marks: From 1842 they went to an impressed 'cypher system' very specific and easy to date. The following page is a 'must see' if you are researching fine china - for value and identification:-Researching the identity and value of antique and vintage fine china. He makes a couple of references to a planned sequel for Minton 1850 , as well, but I can't find any such book. Collecting relative is in the US, her parents emigrated from Birmingham. We just had a submission from Joanne Bray over in Australia about an old nice quality looking Japanese Kutani style (e.g.There may be exceptions I suppose, but generally, this is what you see: There is normally a set of three marks: YEAR -- a different 'cyper' or graphic mark for every year for 100 years. MONTH -- This is normally a letter of the alphabet - J for January, F for February etc etc (I can't see this on yours)POTTERS MARK -- I don't have any info on the potters mark, but I guess they are the squiggles. Please post comments below which you think might be helpful…… I have a great time tracking down these little mysteries, always glad to help! I've picked up my taste for English china from her. the orange palette) plate without markings except for a small red blob mark on the bottom.In addition to these Minton often used three other impressed marks: a letter indicating the month of manufacture, a pattern shape number, and a potter's mark, though not all pieces will display all three. If we check the chart above, the cypher impressed into the body indicates this piece was made in 1881.The impressed S tells us it was potted in September.The number of highlighted records in each of our themed searches will be growing over time, so check back to see what else we’ve uncovered from the Minton company records catalogue.One topic that comes up repeatedly on people's want-to-know list concerning majolica are the marks used by various potters to mark their wares.

The backs are marked with an impressed B4 1/2 (the 1/2 is impressed as a proper 1 over 2 fraction), and there is a hand painted '14' in a reddish-brown color on all plates.

So confirming the maker is probably outside the remit of these help forums.

That said, if it is Minton, the impressed 'B' on your wares would give the year as 1886. The letter 'B' is unusual because the year codes are not normally letters but strange graphic devices called cyphers.

Occasionally a thick glaze will obliterate part of the mark so it may not be seen but it is almost always there.

On large pieces the mark can be found on the foot or sometimes even the inside of the piece but considering the consistency the company had in marking its majolica almost all pieces are marked.

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