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Domestic violence is a serious problem, and it’s not just an adult problem.

Teens experience abuse in their relationships, too. Whatever your motivation, educating yourself about the issue is the first step to ending domestic violence.

Ever wish it was quicker and easier to find and present key statistics on important topics related to domestic violence, abuse and intimate partner violence?Ask them what their friends are saying, what they’re watching online, and what they see in movies and video games.If your local high school doesn’t offer a Healthy Relationship program, ask them to start one. Belvedere Vodka recently launched an online campaign that showed a grinning young man who seems to be trying to force sexual contact on a frightened young woman. If you think gender doesn’t matter anymore, you haven’t been in a high-school classroom lately. study of Grade 7 students found that 63 per cent strongly agreed with sentiments like: “When dating, the boy should be smarter than the girl.” Young people may joke about violence, but those who experience it are usually silent. Societies with the strictest gender roles have the highest rates of violence against women, and Canada isn’t as far ahead as we assume.

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