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After much research in the Jewish community in the Detroit Metro area, however, it became clear there is a gap in social programming that would help singles ages 40-60 meet one another.

Social programming through religious schools, synagogues, the Jewish Community Centers and the Jewish Federation does exist for children, teens, younger adults and seniors, but not for that middle generation.“In the past, the JCC would have three major social events a year, but they don’t have them anymore,” says Paul Bensman, 52, of Farmington Hills.

He’s been single for 12 years and has a son, Ian, 22.

“We need more social opportunities and places for singles in this age range to meet.

Single Gary Schwartz recommends meeting people through friends, dating websites or at a gym, although he does meet people when he is just out and about.

When Margo Grossman found herself newly single, she and her friends used to brainstorm ideas where to meet people.

If the conversation flows and we laugh until our tummies hurt during the date, I find myself leaving the date with a smile from ear to ear.”There were 99.6 million unmarried people older than age 18 in the United States as of 2010, according to the United State Census Bureau; 61 percent had never been married, 23.8 percent (23.7 million) were divorced and 14.4 percent (14.3 million) were widowed.

“It’s important that the people who are fixing you up know you well as well as the person they are fixing you up with.”JEN has been hosting social events for the past four years and is a social group of age 40 singles and couples that get together for various events.The couple owns Pegasus Entertainment.“Never turn down a fix up because you never know when you will meet the one that is the right person for you,” Margo recommends.“If you really want to find someone, you have to be willing to put yourself out there, and never turn down a social opportunity.”She had been dating someone for seven months and was in the midst of a breakup.“It’s just too difficult” was the most frequent response given when representatives of local Jewish institutions were asked.Temple Israel in West Bloomfield did hold a focus group of an equal number of men and women to brainstorm ideas that the group thought would make for good social activities to draw singles in this age bracket.“We had many events over the past few years, including those ideas that came from our focus group, and the turnout was consistently unbalanced with far more women than men,” says Rabbi Marla Hornsten of Temple Israel.

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