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” is met with a smile and a “Sure.” Janka seamlessly loads her number into his cellphone and he’s gone, the entire exchange having taken about 90 seconds.

This encounter was just one of thousands of times Janka has approached a woman on the street and gotten her number in the hopes of sleeping with her within a matter hours or, failing that, days.

He was so proficient at this lifestyle that friends encouraged him to write about it and, eventually, he complied.

Janka sat down at his computer and wrote a 17-page manifesto entitled “Getting Laid In NYC.” Upon completion, he sent it out as a PDF to a few friends.

As afternoon traffic whizzes by, a cute blonde approaches and Janka, his normally lightly scruffy face sporting a fuller beard and mustache than usual, springs into action.

Aside from helping him track efficiency and compare notes with his buddies (some of whom slept with the same girls), the spreadsheets also came in handy when Janka contracted what he thinks was either gonorrhea or chlamydia.

“I was able to look back on the list and ballpark who gave it to me,” he says.

Somewhat of a wallflower in high school, Janka was raised primarily by his mother and had more success with swimming, soccer and studying than he did with the opposite sex. Now Janka is a recognizable face in the Pick Up Artist community, a collection of alpha-male teachers, mentors and advisers all helping less confident men to answer one question: How can I have more sex with women?

The Pick Up Artist community has spawned books (Neil Strauss’ “The Game”), television shows (VH1’s “The Pickup Artist”), forums (led by guys with names like Gambler and Sinn) and of course the mark of anything successful, an acronym (PUA).

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