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When a new photo comes in, lads tend to do an active search on Facebook to trace the girl so they can check her profile.On Facebook, the photos they post are milder, but still heavily suggestive: cleavage and legs are always on show, but – perhaps an indicator of their naiveté – their photos are interspersed with photos of their families.They can do so in an informal way, through stories or discussion when seeing a film, birth of a puppy or kitten and so on.“The best protection from the psychological harm due to repetitive exposure to pornography is a loving, nurturing and affirming formative environment for the child and learner, both at home and at school.“I have never taken or sent anyone a nude selfie, but some friends who have in the past are really scared this past week,” she says.They’ve all figured that boys are unearthing past photos from their hard drives.Last week, several naked selfies of young Maltese women were circulated on the internet without their consent. She used to go to school with a friend of mine,” says John, 23.

There is no clear-cut demography of the girls who send nude selfies to their boyfriends or male friends.As we conclude the conversation, John’s mobile pings again: it’s another set of naked selfies.“This week’s been a real bonus.” That same day I meet Lexi*, 18, for her take on the nude photos spreading virtually.However, he thinks they would have an inkling that the photos might be shared.“Well maybe they wouldn’t think that they’d be so widely shared,” he says, explaining there are about 100 ‘threads’ – online spaces on apps – where photos of Maltese girls are shared.

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Because of this, the Social Dialogue Minister is considering amending the law to make it a crime to share explicit photos without the consent of the person depicted.

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